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International Exhibition of Films and Installations.

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Tracing Transcendental Tone

Documentary (in Post-Production) - Filmed in India 2017/20. Featuring Qawwali Sufi, Kirana Gharana, Carnatic and Tibetan Buddhist sounds.

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Dawn Chorus – May 3rd

Dawn Chorus - May 3rd Recorded on International Dawn Chorus Day Sunday 3rd May - Garden, St Johns, Winchester, Hampshire, UK Binaural ...

View Dawn Chorus – May 3rd

A Quiet Spring Blossom

We are being asked to remake the world, our worlds, everything we have come to rely on has spun out of control, it is disappearing in a vortex and the feeling that accompanies this, is, ...

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Sound Yoga

Gong Yoga Classes and Sound Baths. Workshop Sessions and Classes. Also on-line and incorporating immersive audio technologies.

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A Polish Journey

Interactive Documentary that follows a father and son as they discover family history and memory across the landscape of Central Europe.

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Touring Exhibition featuring the landscape of the Forest through the lens of Film, Photography and Interactive Media.

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En Route To Elsewhere

Selected Photographs of Landscapes and Cityscapes from around the World.

View En Route To Elsewhere


Multiscreen Immersive Video Installation filmed in Iceland. Camera and edit by Julian Konczak with additional audio recordings by Chris Watson, Ben Minto and Bethan Kellough.

View Resoundscapes

J9 Computational Video

An Interactive Television project designed for the Internet. Create an itinerary through a virtual ticketing agency and follow a journey across the globe.

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Click here to reveal for all the photographs published on this website.


Stolen Surfaces

Layers of anonymous creativity appear, overlay and decay on the regenerating walls of world cities.

View Stolen Surfaces


Exploration of the patterns of visual perception through grid montage incorporating repetition, difference and proximity to play with the perceptions of the viewer.

View 25

Telenesia – Transmedia Video Art Project

Immersive interactive exhibition exploring an archaeology of analog technologies, celluloid film, glitches and scratches.

View Telenesia – Transmedia Video Art Project

Interactive Digital Media

Interactive digital media work pushing at the boundaries of the possibilities of digital media in art gallery and online environments.

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The Doors of The Drowned Man

Film collaboration with the immersive theatre company Punchdrunk developing themes from their show The Drowned Man.

View The Doors of The Drowned Man

Hidrazone Digital Arts Blog

Archived blog documenting digital and interactive art in web and gallery spaces.

View Hidrazone Digital Arts Blog

Snapshots From The End Of Time

Glimpses of a degenerating world through the lens of a travelling camera.

View Snapshots From The End Of Time

Glitch Tarot Generator

On-line Tarot from the Telenesia project.

View Glitch Tarot Generator

Archaeology of the Archive

Delving into unpublished photographs from the past.

View Archaeology of the Archive

Cracked Cities

Touring multi-media exhibition exploring the Cracked City - a global hinterland where the aspirations of architectural wonder, the domination of design over the environment, have broken down.

View Cracked Cities

Cracked Cities – Images of Global Decay

Photographs from the Cracked Cities project - Images from Tokyo, New York, London, Istanbul and Kathmandu.

View Cracked Cities – Images of Global Decay

25 Birth and Decay

Screen based interactive digital art exploring the seasonal shifts of forest textures.

View 25 Birth and Decay

Sublime Ambience

Multi-screen Ambient Chillout Video from 1996 - Filmed across puddles, streams, rivers and oceans, and projected and installed at numerous concerts, clubs and outdoor screens.

View Sublime Ambience

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