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Tyre Strip

View Tyre Strip


View Untied

A Temporary Ending

View A Temporary Ending


View Stained

Repaired Window Repair

View Repaired Window Repair

Homeless Home

View Homeless Home

Extinct Hatch

View Extinct Hatch

Mildewed Rooflight

View Mildewed Rooflight

Shipwrecked Seat

View Shipwrecked Seat

Crooked Box

View Crooked Box

Beached Boot

View Beached Boot

Road to Somewhere

View Road to Somewhere

Depreciated Arches

View Depreciated Arches

Fading Corner

View Fading Corner

Decrepid Door

View Decrepid Door

Discarded Angel Wings

View Discarded Angel Wings

There Was Blood

View There Was Blood

Decorative Doorway

View Decorative Doorway

A Place to Sit

View A Place to Sit

Going Underground

View Going Underground

Zero Visibility

View Zero Visibility

Effluent Escape

View Effluent Escape

Out to Air

View Out to Air

Rotting Structure

View Rotting Structure

Chained Furniture

View Chained Furniture

Entrance to Nowhere

View Entrance to Nowhere

After Death

View After Death

Cryogenic Cigarette End

View Cryogenic Cigarette End

Facing Revolution

View Facing Revolution

Dilapidated Diving Centre

View Dilapidated Diving Centre

Tree of Bags

View Tree of Bags

Welcome Sign

View Welcome Sign

Pitta and Egg Shell

View Pitta and Egg Shell

Empty Cardboard Box

View Empty Cardboard Box

Improvised Telegraph Cable

View Improvised Telegraph Cable

Crumbling Paving

View Crumbling Paving

Building Site Debris

View Building Site Debris

Chair and Plant

View Chair and Plant

Degraded Fibreglass Shark

View Degraded Fibreglass Shark

Disused Mannequin

View Disused Mannequin

Tyres on Roof

View Tyres on Roof

Decaying Hotel Development

View Decaying Hotel Development


View Canned

Pyramid Nightclub

View Pyramid Nightclub

Journey’s End

View Journey’s End

Stairway from Heaven

View Stairway from Heaven

Riches to Rags

View Riches to Rags

Container Carcasses

View Container Carcasses

Rotting Leather Bag

View Rotting Leather Bag

Time Stops for Everyone

View Time Stops for Everyone


View Pushchair

Discarded Water Melon

View Discarded Water Melon

Fish on Beach

View Fish on Beach

Crumbling Consulate

View Crumbling Consulate

Cactus in Toilet

View Cactus in Toilet

Drive to the Ground

View Drive to the Ground

Menu Board

View Menu Board

Building Awaiting Rebuilding

View Building Awaiting Rebuilding

Forgotten Corner

View Forgotten Corner

Spare Legs

View Spare Legs

Homeless Mattress

View Homeless Mattress

Frozen Waste

View Frozen Waste

Secreting Door Frame

View Secreting Door Frame

Room With A View

View Room With A View

High Rise

View High Rise


View Shoefiti

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