Interactive Media – creative implementation of technology

Transcendental Tone Binaural VR Audio App (In Development)

Aesthetic: Immersive sound fields to facilitate relaxation.

Keywords: Smartphone, Health, Well being, Nature, Meditation, Yoga Nidra

Technology: Ambisonic Recording, Unity and IOS coding, Binaural Audio, iPhone, Headphones

Link: linear audio sample

The Interactive Forest (2015)

Aesthetic: Abstract animation of forest landscape

Keywords: Gallery, Interactive landscape, Computer Vision, 3D Depth Map

Technology: Kinect Sensor, MAX/Msp patch, Mac Mini, Projector

Link to full project:

Telenesia  (2013)

Aesthetic: Creating an Analogue TV interface utilising computational tools.

Keywords: Gallery, Analog, Physical Computing, Media Archaeology

Technology: Arduino, MAX/Msp, After Effects Animation, Knobs and potentiometers, MacMini, LCD screen, Casings

Link to full project:

J9 Computational Video (2010)

Aesthetic: Computation interactive video allowing users to access bespoke video journeys via virtual tickets.

Technology: Internet Browser, PHP coding, video database

Keywords: Gallery, Database Storytelling, Interactive Television

Video Database, Internet Browser, Various display systems

Link to full project:

Computational Tarot Deck (2008 Sandbox Science Museum)

Aesthetic: Physical cards with RFID tags trigger keywords on the screen

Keywords: Physical Computing, RFID

Technology: Arduino, RFID module, Printed tarot cards, Mac Laptop

Link to web model of interface:

Mass Production (2006)

Aesthetic: Database of Video Clips of dense crowds triggered by algorithmic interpretation of webcam movement in the exhibition space.

Keywords: Gallery, Motion Sensing, Performativity

Technology:  Macromedia Director Code (lingo), Video Database, iMacs, webcams

Link to project description:

25 – Birth and Decay (2004)

Aesthetic: Revealing layers of a landscape as the user moves over layers of cubes.

Technology: Flash Action Script image/code

Keywords: Gallery, Webart, Interactive

Link to project and description:

Cracked Cities (2003)

Aesthetic: Digital rendering of an analog slideshow.

Keywords: Gallery, Webart, Analog

Technology: Flash, HTML

Link to project and description:

VJ Generative Video (2002 onwards)

sublime ambience julian konczak

Aesthetic: Live Generative Video to accompany music performances

Keywords: Live Performance, Visual Music

Technology: MAX/Msp patches, Archaos Software, Video Database, iMac, Video Splitter, Video Projector(s)

Link selected source video:

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