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Edge of Land and Time

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We are losing touch. This act of forgetting, voluntary amnesia, is in danger of becoming a permanent condition. We face deep extinction, not driven by the visible, material and more tangible facets of our world – this collateral pollution results from a disappearing story.

This sense of separation germinated over millennia, it flew false flags of freedom, liberation, virtue, the possibility of unshackling ourselves from the burden of nature. Standing tall, elevated, and superior, allowing dominium over species and plants with whom we share the land. Our world became for the taking, we inched our way forward in time, commandeering our self-ascribed entitlements.

Our God helped us, we created Him in our image, a Holy master able to offer a semblance of divine affirmation – a key cut to unlock those natural laws. With this strength, we strengthened our capacity for assertion over nature. Gone was the enduring wisdom of millennia, now crossed out and rewritten into a new book of magic, erecting a unified sense of truth with which to occupy the expanse of unknown geographies. As these great edifices of belief completed their instruction, of binding minds and spirit, of surging across oceans and jungles, weaving empires together through trade and church, we found a new belief to supplant these endeavours. Science became the master of all religions, able to distort, disrupt and destroy every known part of our sensory universe. Now, shifting our blind faith into this world of control, our ability to nurture becomes lost.

Codes are becoming erased, along with ancient wisdom, the natural world is swept out and re-worked into shallow duplications of flawed and incomplete understandings. This trajectory breaks down our very essence, snapping the stalk that connects us to the roots of the earth – with that comes a prompt to remember, to recall those myths and mysteries that sustained us for millennia.

Our path is to rediscover the furrows of our ancients, to uncover and connect with culture, to trace back our language and lineage. A stark opportunity to be minded of the womb of our being. This is the story of our time, uncovering traces able to entrain souls back into integrity with an eternal divinity.

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