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Caller Unknown

The phone call was anticipated. It was Monday and something told me that I would get a response today. The weekend had been an attempt to put all emotions to one side – in so far as the hope and expectation of a life-changing event can be sublimated. Something was about to change spring was slowly seeping through the icy mornings. The void of winter was about to shift. Other forces were swirling around my being. Not only was the darkness of natures season about to shift. It had been a year without work, hours of preparing applications for positions, grants, presentations and interviews with no tangible result.
This felt different. At every stage it was clear the fit was as a glove, the range of specialisms, the hard-won qualifications, experience and vision were a perfect match for the department. That previous Friday with the sun bursting through the cold panes, it was clear that the best presentation was to simply be oneself, honest, real and human in what was increasingly becoming an inhuman world. If anything life and loss over the past two years have embossed this into my sense of being – “be truthful and be yourself!” and the universe will come to you.
Given the world, as it had become, it felt unusual to receive calls out of the blue and, although surprised by the ring, on reaching over from my exercise mat in the late afternoon it was clear that this was it. Emotions reach us quicker than words and within moments I had attuned to my callers’ enthusiasm. Whether or not I have a particular affinity for empathy it’s hard to tell, but transitioning from stretching my body from a day sitting at my desk, to attune to a stranger’s unbridled enthusiasm is a step many may find easy to take.
It was only after the third sentence that the impulse to ask for clarification came to the fore – “are you calling to tell me I didn’t get the job?’” It was only later that the full nature of banality and incompetence fell into place – this was an ode to the chosen candidate – bizarrely citing every qualification and experience I also had. Within this unusual exchange, I was reminded that I had been interviewed by a group of communication professionals and with that presumption, it became clear that spring will emerge elsewhere.

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