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A Quiet Spring Blossom

We are being asked to remake the world, our worlds, everything we have come to rely on has spun out of control, it is disappearing in a vortex and the feeling that accompanies this, is, for me, a mixture of excitement, complete fear, along with a heightened and super sensory anticipation. It is exhilarating, as for most of us, it is the biggest single collective experience of our lives.

Of course, the seers and the sayers have been talking this up for decades, centuries and millennia, and we have kept nearing this edge, and now, it’s here – we are being asked to break through a collective fear, a fear based on the idea that the end of civilisation, or more accurately the breakdown of a certain kind of civilisation, is to be avoided at, quite literally, all costs.

Now, after a lifetime diet of apocalyptic visions, all variations on this modern fable, we have only one functional direction. As a humanity, we realise we simply have no requirement for the absurdity of an doomsday bunker – does anyone really want the option of isolation, living off a dwindling supply of resources – let’s leave that option for those that choose the path of greed and selfishness – offshore billions can be made as worthless as stockpiled toilet paper.

Each of us is experiencing their own judgment day, a deep re-evaluation of what is important right now, who and what do we value, and more pertinently, how do our own old values lock us into an increasingly absurd way of being. That is my experience as I live, alone, the walls around me reflecting and containing my being, and it is also what I hear in the hearts of those people with whom I am able to share – it is quite simply an intensified karma unfolding with such phenomenological truth that no faith is required!

As we step into this collective soul searching, as our individuality, so carefully finessed through decades of social preening and presentation breaks down, it becomes clearer that we are being drawn into a renewed gratitude for whatever we have or have had. It feels as if that voice of alienation, that screamed us into unexpected political choices, may now channel us into a world where our only path is to truly take back control, compassionately, without prejudice, and with love for all of those around us.

And that is what excites me as I wake, eat, work, walk, and sleep, in solitary, knowing that at some point this new collective positivity will lead to a time when will rub our eyes and say “what the fuck were we thinking?” – not about the months of isolation, but the decades before and those relics of a past civilisation. For that will truly be the blossoming of spring.

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